EDGE the cash flow bureau 

EDGE (formerly NinjaEdge) is NinjaHoldings’ B2B analytics platform launched to monetize and extend
the cash flow analytics IP incubated within CreditNinja beginning in 2017. Collectively, the businesses
have pioneered underwriting on the basis of income, spending, and balance behaviors evidenced in
consumers’ checking and savings accounts rather than relying on traditional credit data widely
recognized as a lagging indicator of creditworthiness further limited as a snapshot of financial liabilities
without regard to consumers’ income, assets, and other obligations.

With data from its customers covering more than three million consumer credit applications and over
half a billion dollars in loan originations, EDGE delivers performance-calibrated insights and actionable
risk signals “built by lenders, for lenders” developed and refined through real-world lending decisions.

The solutions offered by EDGE include:
EdgeConnect: Consumer-permissioned banking activity data including balances and transactions,
harmonized and normalized in EDGE’s analytics engine across data providers
EdgeIncome: Detection of deposits from an employer or benefits provider analyzed for consistency and
stability to enable EDGE customers to underwrite against verified income
EdgeEnrich: Actionable insights built on top of EdgeConnect data that lenders can utilize in their own
credit risk models / scorecards and which power Edge’s industry-leading credit risk score
EdgeScore: Expanding suite of credit risk scores similar to FICO® and VantageScore® based entirely on
consumer-permissioned cash flow data
EdgeRefine: Turnkey solution to inform credit box, decision tree, and scorecard rules for seamless plug-
and-play integration of EDGE insights with lenders’ existing underwriting processes
EdgeMonitor: Ongoing risk analytics and alerts over the life of an open credit account that enable
lenders to proactively engage consumers who encounter financial stress in order to reach mutually
beneficial outcomes

EDGE is further differentiated as the first and only cash flow bureau. We announced in 2023 that EDGE
became a consumer reporting agency, enabling the business to deliver cash flow risk analytics
equivalent to mainstream credit bureaus but based entirely on bank transaction data.

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